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Conference_MontageThe UK is now facing a housing crisis. At a time when it is cheaper to commute from Madrid to London each day than rent a flat in Camden, the severity of the housing issue has never been more apparent.

A recent report in the London Standard, has shown that by making the five-hour round trip every day, Londoners could be £403 a month — £4,836 a year — better off. Although light hearted, the research, based on someone travelling to work four days a week, highlights the issues people face today.

In a bid to tackle the issues, the new All-Party Parliamentary Group for Housing and Planning has been set up. The groups primary aim is ‘recommending wide-ranging, innovative solutions to reshape the housing market: increasing the housing stock for both rental and private ownership, and speeding up building of sustainable housing in the UK, which now faces an annual shortfall of 130,000 homes.’

According to MP James Cartlidge, the chair of the new group: “Housing is increasingly becoming one of the most critical policy challenges facing local and national government and with a Housing Bill pending, it is likely to become more political and controversial.”

However, it is important not to forget that others believe the property market is seeing a resurgence. Rightmove, London-focused estate agent Foxtons and housebuilder Taylor Wimpey have all reported that the property market has stepped up since May's election, with buyers' confidence boosted by sustainable levels of price inflation and low mortgage rates.

Mike Quinton, NHBC Chief Executive recently stated: “We have made it clear that while all signs of growth are to be welcomed, the UK is still building way below the volumes of homes that we need - there is a long way to go before our housing crisis is over.”

With the current brick shortage – with the wait for bricks reaching up to eight months, the rapid installation CLT provides offers an opportunity to combat the issues.

Is Solid Wood the Solution?

The Solid Wood Solutions event presents the benefits of adopting ‘solid wood’ technologies such as glued and cross laminated timber for modern energy efficient buildings. There are presentations throughout the day, looking at ground-breaking projects and technologies that have been used to combat modern day issues.

Cross laminated timber (CLT) used as a core structural solutions is most effective in medium rise residential projects. CLT is a commercially viable solutions for projects of three to ten storeys. CLT is particularly beneficial for projects specifying a high energy efficiency, in densely populated urban locations, sites with limited access and Brownfield and Greenfield areas.

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