Rainer Strauch

Cree by Rhomberg

Subject: Timber Hybrid makes the Breakthrough

Rainer constantly speaks at international conferences on sustainable buildings and talks on how Timber-Hybrid makes the breakthrough as Cree Principles take hold in Large-Scale Projects utilizing prefabricated repeatable components.

Rainer is a construction engineer from Germany and has worked with several companies in the fields of building design and construction management. In 2009, he joined the Rhomberg LifeCycle Tower (LCT) research and development team, which was then established as Cree by Rhomberg.

At Cree, Rainer has been co-developing the LCT wood/concrete hybrid floor system, which has become the basis for the LCT ONE prototype building and many others. Now the CTO of Cree, Rainer oversees their technical operations, international knowhow transfer and local consulting support. Rainer Strauch is a certified Passive House Designer and an accredited DGNB Auditor.

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